International Relations, Comparative Politics, Comparative Political Economy, Taxation and Redistribution


University of Missouri-Saint Louis, St. Louis, MO

Ph.D., Political Science, August 2015

  • Dissertation: A Nation Divided: Assessing the Regional Effects of Institutions, Social Capital, and Civic Culture on Tax Morale in Italy
  • Chair: Professor Kenneth Thomas

University of Missouri-St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

M.A., Political Science, December 2013

Saint John’s University, Rome, Italy.,

M.A. Government and Politics, August 2010

Missouri State University, Springfield, MO

Academic Appointments 

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

European University Institute with Sven Steinmo on the project “Willing to Pay: Testing Institutionalist Theory with Experiments”, January 2015-August 2017

Refereed Journal Publications

Bruner, Dave, John D’Attoma and Sven Steinmo. 2016. “Going Dutch? The Role of Gender in the Provision of Public Goods through Tax Compliance.” Forthcoming in Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. 

D’Attoma, John, Clara Volintiru, and Sven Steinmo. 2017. “Willing to Share? Tax Compliance and Gender in Europe and America.” forthcoming Research & Politics.

D’Attoma, John. 2017. “Divided Nation: North-South Cleavages in Italian Tax Compliance.” Polity 42(1). DOI: 10.1086/689982.

Giulia Andrighetto, Stefania Ottone, Ferruccio Ponzano, Nan Zhang, John D’Attoma, and Sven Steinmo. 2016. “Are some countries more honest than others? Evidence from a tax compliance experiment in Sweden and Italy” Frontiers in Psychology. 7:472. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2016.00472

D’Attoma, John. 2011. “Hegemony or Dominance: A Gramscian Analysis of US Ascendancy.” Critique: A Worldwide Journal of Politics.

Articles Under Review

John D’Attoma and Sven Steinmo. 2016. “More Bang for Your Buck: Trust, Efficiency, and Tax Compliance.”

Book Manuscripts

Sven Stienmo, John D’Attoma, Giulia Andrighetto. 2018. “Willing to Pay: Testing Institutional Theory with Experiments.” Under Contract with Oxford University Press.

Book Chapters

D’Attoma, John. “An Historical Analysis of Italian Tax Compliance” in The Leap of Faith: The fiscal foundations of successful government in Europe and America edited by Sven Steinmo. (forthcoming in Oxford University Press)

Other Publications

D’Attoma, John. 2016. “Why are some nations’ citizens more likely to cheat on their taxes? What we found surprised us.” The Monkey Cage – The Washington Post. (with Sven Steinmo)

D’Attoma, John. 2016. “Another Reason for Equal Pay: Women Are More Honest on Their Taxes Than Men” The Huffington Post. (with Clara Volintiru)

D’Attoma, John. 2015. “Willing to Pay? Tax Compliance in Britain and Italy: an Experimental Analysis.” The Plot: Politics Decoded – European Political Science Association and Cambridge University Press. (with Sven Steinmo)

D’Attoma, John. 2015. “The word tax is unpopular but the word fee is worse.” The Monkey Cage – The Washington Post. (with Sven Steinmo)

D’Attoma, John. 2014. “Roots and Remedies for Tax Evasion in Italy” The Florentine, November 6: 27.

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