Teaching and Leadership

University of Exeter

Comparative Taxation:

Students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate alternative forms of taxes and their effects on economies and societies.  The class examines tax policy from economic, political and legal perspectives and also analyze the practical operation of tax systems including tax administration and ethical issues.

Research Methods in Taxation 

The aim of this module is to prepare students thoroughly for the experience of researching and writing.  Students develop a full understanding of the research process including research design, qualitative and quantitative methods. By the end, students should be able to write a research proposal and MSc dissertation.

Director of MSc in Taxation, Director of MRes in Global Political Economy, Editor of Journal of Tax Administration

Other Teaching 

Adjunct Instructor

  • Introduction to American Government, University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • Three Course Global Cultures Cluster, Lindenwood University
  1. 20th Century World History
  2. Introduction to Comparative Politics
  3. World Religions

Teacher’s Assistant 

  • Politics of the European Union
  • African Politics
  • Marxist Heritage
  • Introduction to Comparative Politics