Structuring Behavior: Institutions, Trust, and Social Norms

My research lies in the field of comparative political economy and employs a variety of methodological techniques, both quantitative and qualitative (survey, survey experiments, lab experiments, comparative historical analysis), to investigate the varied relationship between citizens and their states.

My research consists of four major projects: First, I examine why tax compliance varies so widely in democratic countries. Secondly, I am interested in designing and using interactive online simulations to measure preferences on many issues; recently I’ve used simulations to measure budgetary preferences. In a third project, I will study why people choose to conceal their wealth. We know a great deal about tax havens and the international political economy of financial secrecy, but we know very little about the actual conditions that lead people to hide their wealth in first place. For my fourth project I plan to address how governments can regulate the sharing economy as to foster trust and social cohesion.


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